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FCI Standard – „Description by Stig G. Carlson“


UPdate 11. September 2012 / FCI Standard – „Description by Stig G. Carlson“

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Stig Carlson


Hier wird der Rhodesian Ridgeback Standard ausführlich und sehr schön erläutert!

FCI Standard – „Description by Stig G. Carlson“ (im Orginal)

taken from his book the °Pet Owner’s Guide to the Rhodesian Ridgeback°


Ich zitiere:“THE ENTITY

A Ridgeback is a proud, elegant dog, whose body has a rectangular, but never quadratic appearance.  It is a sclassic hunting dog, so look for body proportions with a ratio of 5:4, length to height.  It can be slightly, but not much, more than this.

A body with these proportions produces the most effective gait for a dog that was required to cover long ….!“

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