„RIDGELESS“ Alte Erkenntnisse – große Debatte!

UPdate 29. Oktober 2013 / „RIDGELESS“ Alte Erkenntnisse – große Debatte


Sehr interessant!! Unter dem Thema °Rhodesian Ridgeback / °Zucht

gibt es auf der Seite °Der Ridge° eine neue Ergänzung!


Ein kurzer Vorgeschmack!

Ridge Optional, FCI contemplates a standard change sure to stir stormy debate


»It is genetically impossible to breed … healthy ridgeback without ridgeless dogs being born,« the FCI Breeding Commission concluded. »therefore, coat, colours and anatomical features that genetically must appear in the breed in order to breed what is now preferred in the standard (i.e. hairless, ridgeback) should be equally accepted in the standards; the standards must be changed to achieve this.«

In other words, because a healthy population of riged Ridgebacks requires ……………….